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Friday August 29th - 9:18pm

storytime bitches

I’ve been watching sooo much fucking porn lately like probably idk 4 times a day or some shit but anyway so like i’m watching these hot girls making out with this guy and you know he takes off their bras and they have these huge tits and I’m just like damn those are nice but I’m not turned on so anyway he starts fucking the brunette while he’s making out with the blonde and it’s getting intense and they’re screaming and shit and I just kind of like, start looking down at my nails, and then I’m thinking like, ” you know what? I’ve never met a snail in real life. Everyone gives them shit about being fucking slow all the time, and I bet their not that slow, I bet they just want to get there safe. So anyway this guy is like slapping these bitches in the face with his dick and their still moaning and shit and I close it and start watching this video of this like, snail and you know he’s got the little antenna things on his head and his lil shell and he’s all cute and shit and like he’s on this little trail, obviously going somewhere,and I’m like;”he’s got this shit.” But then, like, 5 minutes passes, and the nigga only gets like, 2 inches. So I just am like, watching this snail for like 10 minutes now, and, I see like this green thing he’s going for, and, I’m like, yo, this motherfucker is, crazy. Do you know what the green thing was? Lettuce. He ate the lettuce.

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Friday August 29th - 8:38pm

Teenage boys will be the death of me I swear goddamnit I want all of them but only for about 10 minutes each

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Friday August 29th - 4:06pm

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Friday August 29th - 3:57pm

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Friday August 29th - 12:47am

Anonymous ASKED: Why does your guitar only have five strings ? ?

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Friday August 29th - 12:35am

Anonymous ASKED: POST NUDES plzz

Friday August 29th - 12:32am

Anonymous ASKED: Whatt is your dream vacation :) :D

To drive down to colorado alone in the freezing winter and and go to columbine when nobodys there and just lay there on the ground in the snow for a few days 

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Friday August 29th - 12:30am

shallow-existences ASKED: You're gorgeous.

Great now i’m blushing :)

Friday August 29th - 12:28am

Anonymous ASKED: I dont understand why i miss two kids i didnt even know. The closest thing i have to them is death.

There are other ways to feel closer to them; look I know this shit is fucking hard sometimes you dont think that whenever i hear ” oh and dylan shot this kid right in the head” i get shocked every single time no matter how many times i hear it, or that when i think about how eric just took off his shirt for his mummification demonstration in school, even though his chest indent made him feel less of a man than the other guys, that i don’t think ” why the fuck would he give up, this strong human being, this fuckin kid”? Do not do anything stupid, you are loved by me and others who feel the same, if eric and dylan knew you they wouldn’t want you to die.

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Friday August 29th - 12:17am

Anonymous ASKED: Fuck me gurl i will show u how its done


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